To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Journal Entry

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After Jem 's arm healed, things around Maycomb started to settle down again. Although there was some talk about Bob Ewell 's death, it quickly died down, just like the talk of Tom Robinson dying. But there was one thing that would never change. It was a Saturday afternoon, in mid-summer. The heat was devastating and many people decided to not go outside. Jem and I, however, ignored Atticus ' warnings about the heat, and left to go to see Dill. We passed by the Radley house, no longer afraid of Boo, after all, he had saved our lives. I could still clearly remembering the events of that day, but when I brought up the topic with Jem, he would ignore me, and change the subject. “Jem?” I asked him, “Why don 't you want to talk about that day?” He gave me the stare that showed he didn 't want to answer my question, so I shut my mouth and continued walking. …show more content…

When we arrived at Dill 's house, Jem knocked on the door and waiting for a response. After a few minutes, we gave up, figuring they were out someplace, even though there were no good places to go in Maycomb County. Jem looked at me, and said, “Since they’re not here I’ll race ya home!” He sprinted off towards the house, leaving me behind him. I knew a shortcut, and it involved cutting through the backyards of everyone 's house. I dashed as fast as I could behind the buildings, not caring about the neighbor 's yards. In the distance, I saw a newly made fence blocking the way. I stopped, about to turn and run to the sidewalk, when I realized I was in the Radley 's backyard. And there on the back porch, sat Boo. It had been a while since I had seen him, but he hadn 't changed one bit. He still never left his house, and his body was just as pale as ever. “Hey Mr. Radley!” I said as I started to run by him, but something

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