Jeff Bridges On Holiness

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Jeff Bridges takes the lofty goal of perfect holiness and shows how every Christian is called to live out their lives; holiness is achieved by pursuing God in every aspect of our lives, following the way of Christ and not the ways of the world, and obeying the Lord in everything we do. He emphasizes the idea that holiness is not an end result but rather a lifetime challenge. This book follows the teachings of many pastors and authors I have personally encountered and I found it very settling to know that the information I have heard for many years is still applicable and holds its truth. One very important point Bridges makes throughout this small book is how sin separates us from God and it is our duty to release this sin and work towards …show more content…

We cannot let our walk of faith be hindered by the world around us. Holiness is a process, not a final achievement that we can hang on our walls. I love hearing this as I felt shame because my life never felt worthy of holiness. Holiness is not the lack of sin, but rather regular repenting and a stable relationship with the Lord. God has even promised us as His children that we shall obtain holiness: “Holiness is not only expected; it is the promised birthright of every Christian” (14). Bridges makes it very clear that God is the only way we can ever achieve this holiness. “Only through God’s Word are our minds remolded and our values renewed” (85). Jesus has given us the tools we need to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Him and it is now up to us to close this gap by repenting our sins, renewing our values, and changing how we think and act in the world. It can be intimidating to know that the Lord expects us to live out our lives in Holiness but Bridges made it evident that He does not seek perfection, for only He is truly spotless. After reading this book, I hope to be more deliberate in my walk with Christ. For example, I will not attempt to hide my sin and shame from Him but instead repent as to close the gap between me and my Savior. However, I will remain steadfast in the promise that God has given me holiness and grace so I do not have to live a blameless life in order to be given Eternal

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