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Traditionally, pro forma earnings are lampooned as “earnings before the bad stuff”, which are lower than the figure according the GAAP. Companies may present to the public their earnings and results of operations on the basis of methodologies other than GAAP. And this presentation in the earnings release is often referred to as “pro forma” financial information. Many companies were thought to be using pro forma figures not only to exclude one-time charges, but also to strip put recurrent costs and other elements that they claimed concealed their “true” performance. “Pro forma” financial information can serve useful purposes. Public companies may quite appropriately wish to focus investors’ attention on critical components of quarterly or annual financial results in order to provide a meaningful comparison to results for the same period of prior years or to emphasize the results of core …show more content…

In 2002, the SEC adopted new rules and amendments to address public companies’ disclosure or release of certain financial information that is calculated and presented on the basis of methodologies other than in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The accrual accounting is more popular and be widely used in business world because it produces more accurate and faithful financial statements that constitute better representation of actual circumstances than its main competitors. The major weakness of accrual accounting is that there is some time issue such like the time of occurred and time of recorded would probably be different and it increases the risk of financial information and the risk of correctness. Also, the accrual accounting generally cost more to operate compared with cash accounting

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