Did Joseph Smith Break 10 Commandments Essay

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From the Book of Hiram, pp 443-444 we read: #18 “Born in a Protestant land, we are of that faith; if we had opened our eyes to the light under the shadows of St. Peter’s at Rome, we should have been devout Romanists; born in the Jewish quarter of Aleppo, we should have condemned Christ as an imposter; in Constantinople, we should have cried: ‘Allah il Allah – God is great, and Mahomet is his Prophet.’ Birthplace and education give us our faith.
#19 …Not one in ten thousand knows anything about the proofs of his faith. We believe what we are taught; and those are most fanatical who know least of the evidences on which their creed is based.
#20. What is truth to me is not truth to another. The same arguments and evidences that convince one mind, make no impression on another; this
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The Laws indictedaccused Joseph Smith with: blasphemy or using God's name in vain, committing murder, committing adultery, stealing and robbing from the gentiles, bearing false witness, and coveting the wives of other men (Ex. 20:3-17). William Law wrote in his diary four days later, ‘Conference is over, and some of the most blasphemous doctrines have been taught by Joseph Smith and others ever heard of such as…that Joseph Smith is a god to this generation,
John C. Bennett also accused Joseph Smith of breaking many of the 10 commandments.
Commandment #1: Thou Shalt have no other Gods before me!
Joseph Smith essentially created another god - a god that was once a man. His god is much more similar to the gods of Greek mythology than to the Hebrew God . Could it be a counterfeit god? In fact, Smith talked about more than just one God, and the fact that humans are thought to have the opportunity to become gods themselves, in LDS theology, is a clear departure from the monotheistic Judeo-Christian understanding of the Godhead. As shown above, William Law stated that Joseph Smith claimed to be a god to this
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