Pros And Cons Of Mayella Being Forgiven

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Mayella should not be forgiven. Mayella, while being mistreated from her father, committed a crime. She is a victim of abuse and harsh obligations, but she still did something that is not right. She put a kind, hardworking father into a position that was inescapable for anyone nevertheless a Negro. Mayella says "That nigger yonder took advantage of me…" it is well known that someone of Tom Robinson 's nature would not do something as unprofessional as a rape. She seduced Tom as well as took advantage of his considerate being because she was mistreated. Atticus Finch says, "She is white, and she tempted a Negro. She did something that in our society is unacceptable…" to show that what Mayella did was not right and she knows it. Out of pressures

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