Pursuit Of Knowledge In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Curiosity is just a subtle word that may not seem relevant in one’s life, yet it’s the reason everyone starts the thinking process driving them through the intricate roads of knowledge and achievement. Knowledge and achievement can be thought of as a positive component dividing each person, as most people would be thrilled to be introduced to knowledge and beyond it. Because of this reaction, people feel as though they have achieved a goal in life, leading them to the new feeling of happiness. In the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521, the main character, undergoes this same process as curiosity consumes him. Equality’s curiosity and formation of happiness leads him to pursue knowledge even more. While this brings him happiness …show more content…

As Equality starts to grasp onto topics not known to people of his society, he starts questioning the actions he involves himself in, but ultimately develops a sense of independence from society as these new activities start bringing him happiness and delight. Equality shows these emotions as he describes, “And yet there is no shame in us and no regret...it seems to us that our spirit is clear as a lake troubled by no eyes” (37). Equality feels “no shame” and “no regret” in everything he’s doing, but this is just the beginning of his growing awareness towards being sovereign from his original society. He continues by expressing that his “spirit is clear as a lake troubled by no eyes.” A lake that hasn’t been bothered by any eyes is a lake that is natural and filled with pure water with nothing regretful. This is exactly what Equality is sensing with these new innovations. Since no regrettable feelings are in him, it’s shown that he feels pure bliss and happiness. Another gesture towards the emotion of happiness Equality feels is when he states, “But the only things which taught us joy were the power we created in our wires, and the Golden One” (86). Equality directly confesses how his alterations, created by his pursuit of knowledge is what gives him happiness. Since he does feel happiness from the chase for knowledge, he has the right to be inspired by this action. He also mentions that the Golden One, a woman he meets and falls in love with, brings him joy, which he wouldn’t be able to say if it wasn’t for his curiosity and desire to know her that soars to levels unreachable. Therefore, his innovation and meeting of the Golden One refer back to his beginning of reaching for knowledge. The nature of a human also justifies the way they’re motivated. Equality expresses, “It was that the learning was too easy”

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