Pursuit Of Perfection In The Odyssey

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The Pursuit of Perfection:Analysis of the unspoken portion of Ancient Greek culture.

Whether we realize it or not, we all relentlessly pursue perfection. In our lives, we strive to be something better or at least to...seem that way. To live a life without faults, without the flaws that make everyone else so imperfect, but always seem to fall too far from that ideal. Perfection remains an objective that can never be reached, something that is unattainable and in stark contrast with reality. In Homer’s “The Odyssey” the traces and nuances of this pursuit can be found in the very structure and hierarchy of Ancient Greece. Through his storytelling, Homer paints a vivid picture of adventure and wonder, but even while Homer tries to deliver an …show more content…

The constant struggle to be the best at everything, and to be better than everyone else puts a lot of pressure on the people in our society.We feel as if we need to maintain the facade of perfection because of the standards society places on us, money matters because society judges us based on class. Even though we are one society, we end up breaking the minds of people who tried to realize a life of perfection only to fail.“In spite of its elusiveness, we remain fixated on perfection. Often enough, even when we know the flaws, we still defend an image of flawlessness.”-Melissa Bury. The Ancient Greeks had a fixation on an “ideal” world.This was prevalent in their architecture, and in their art of the human body.However, the Greeks pursuit for perfection ends up being just a pursuit, as the goal never can be or will be

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