Racial Prejudice In Black Like Me By John Howard Griffin

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Black Like Me Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin, is based in the 1950s in the midst racial prejudice and the civil rights movement of the American South. Griffin had always wondered what it was like to be a African American in the American South. When he wasn 't getting the angle he wanted as a white journalist living in Mansfield,Texas. So, he chooses to undergo surgical treat to change his skin color(and later finds a way to change back and fourth); what he experiences as a black man nobody should have experience no matter what their skin color. He could never quite treat white men the same. First, I thought as he underwent treatment the author would just be changing the pigment in his skin and would only be shaving his head as it was just a different hairstyle. “In the flood…show more content…
Finally, no matter what race he was the opposite race always disliked him, “I was the same man, whether white or black. yet when I was white, I received brotherly-love smiles and privileges from whites and the hate stares or obsequiousness from the Negros. And when I was Negro, the white judged me fit for the junk heap, while Negroes treated me with great warmth” (Griffin 435). I believe that this quote really shows two sides to the story while the author leads you to believe that the whites were the main and only racists, while according to the quote the racism is kind of the same for both races towards each other doesn 't matter which side you’re on. In conclusion, I really enjoyed this novel because of the perspectives from both races it shows coming from the same person, instead of different people you can’t get that in many books. However, it’s hard to follow sometimes and kind of hard to believe that it was nonfiction, while he was changing the pigmentation in his skin and then being able to change back and forth when he wanted. Overall it was a great book I really enjoyed reading it and I persuade others to read it too. It is a unique experience that only one novel can
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