Inner Conflict In Nella Larsen's Passing

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Racism was always a big issue and still occurs today. The story “Passing” took place in the 1920’s during the Harlem Renaissance and it spoke about the term “Passing” which indicates that African American’s who looked lighted skin can go to public places without being discriminated. In “Passing” Nella Larsen demonstrates how racism causes jealousy, resentment, and dishonesty in relationships. The idea is conveyed through inner conflict, the conflict between the main characters and how the Harlem Renaissance period inflicts tension in relationships.
Larsen uses inner conflict to make it coherent how racism will cause problems in relationships. First, Clare Kendry married a white man who detests people with color. She never told her husband …show more content…

For instance, there is a conflict in the relationship between Irene and Clare because Clare wants to reconnect with her old life, nevertheless this causes instability in Irene’s secure lifestyle. Clare secretly visits and spends time with Irene’s family which causes jealousy because change occurs. Clare’s frequent visits causes Irene to: “secretly resenting these visits to the playroom, for some obscure reason which shied away from putting into words, never requested that make an end of them, or hinted that she wouldn’t spoiled her own Margaery outrageously nor be so friendly with white servants” (63). This indicates that Clare is spending time at the Redfield’s tying to pass as a black woman trying to live as an African American woman while forgetting about her own responsibilities with her own daughter. In addition, Irene feels insecure that Clare will jeopardize her role as a mother at the Redfield residence. This clearly suggests that Clare is not capable of being fully part of a white or black society at the same time. Therefore, Clare’s way to cope with racism causes Irene to be jealous which creates conflict in their relationship. Secondly, there is conflict between Irene and Brian Redfield about they should raise their children. For example, Irene wants her children to not deal with racism in their childhood and on the contrary, Brian

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