Radical Republican Restoration

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To repair a country that has been split in half requires making significant strides that will create harmony between both sides. After the American Civil War multiple phases were required in order to mend the broken country. These phases were Presidential Reconstruction and Radical Republican Restoration. Presidential Reconstruction was the reconstruction plan put in place by President Johnson who had to step into the role of the man who would fix the country after Lincoln’s assignation. While Johnson’s reconstruction plan did not anger the southerners whom he was trying to get to support, his methods were too lenient towards the south as he allowed for mostly states rights. His coordination of the reconstruction eventually came to an end de to congress disagreeing with his actions. This led to the Radical Republican Restoration which was an …show more content…

Because of this he let southerners decide on controversial topics such as voting. Naturally the Southern states did not head to the Northern influence and they made sure to makes the lives of the African American as close to slavery as they could without making them slaves. They accomplished this goal with a series of laws called “Black Codes”. The Black Codes laid out exactly what being a black southerner meant. If a somebody who is bad was found unemployed they could be put to work in a field or a house by a white man, thus making an unemployed black man or woman essentially a slave. Another Black Code stated that any man whose grandfather could not vote was not able to vote himself, which forbid any black men from voting because their grandfathers did not have that privilege. While congress already did not approve of Johnsons tactics or lack there of in restoring the country, the final straw came when Johnson refused to sign onto the extension of the Freedman’s Bureau and eventually vetoed which led to his impeachment. The bill later became the first to be passed through a presidential

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