Rash Decisions Of Romeo And Juliet

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Never the less, Romeo,Tybalt, and the Nurse’s rash decisions had an impact in everything that happened in the story.Romeo’s decision of killing Tybalt had led Lord Capulet to agree to Paris’s proposal.Which then led to Romeo’s banishment, and that had Juliet refuse Paris’s offer.Knowing her father wouldn’t agree, she went to the Nurse for advice, but the Nurse’s rash decision was advising Juliet to marry Paris.Then Tybalt’s doing, of killing Mercutio, had later led to his to his death.However, in the story, there were a lot of rash decisions made.Mostly by the characters Romeo, Tybalt, and the Nurse. In the story, Romeo’s rash decisions were, he had killed Tybalt, full of anger, not thinking of the consequences he might stumble upon. The

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