Tybalt Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Every Action Has a Reaction
People often do senseless actions that they don’t realize the consequences to, until it is too late. Tybalt is guilty of this. In the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare depicts a tragic and heart-wrenching story about two star-crossed lovers. These two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, die a horrendous death where they both commit suicide. Many characters in this drama could be to blame for their death, but logically the best character to blame is Tybalt. The reason Tybalt is to blame is because he started a chain reaction that lead to the deaths of many characters, including Romeo and Juliet. This chain reaction includes three main events. The first event is Tybalt having a hot-head and over reacting at a party. …show more content…

From the beginning of the play it is evident that Tybalt is a strong willed and anxious character. This does not play a key role in the play until the party at Capulet’s house. Tybalt notices Romeo and his friends at the party and becomes extremely angered because they are Montagues at a Capulet party. Instantly Tybalt says to his Page, “Fetch me my rapier, boy” (1.5.54). Tybalt has such an infuriating personality that he intends to kill poor Romeo, who is just trying to have a good time. Capulet luckily calms him down and stops Tybalt from acting out. What one doesn’t know, is that Tybalt will remember this intrusion for the rest of the play. This all starts a chain …show more content…

Tybalt always kept Romeo’s intrusion in the back of his mind, until one day when he decided to act upon it. “Turn and draw” (3.1.38), he tells Romeo. Romeo being a wise young man doesn’t fight him. Tybalt has to take his rage out on someone, so he decides to fight and kill Mercutio. Romeo then kills Tybalt and gets banished. If Tybalt wouldn’t have started this fight, then Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have died. Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have died because if Romeo wouldn’t have had to end the fight, then he wouldn’t have gotten banished. If he wouldn’t have gotten banished, then friar wouldn’t have had to make a faulty plan, which made Romeo and Juliet commit

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