How Did Romeo And Juliet Make Decisions

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Many times, decisions can often be changed or supported by other people. However, one still is the one who chooses what to do, the only thing other people can do is convince you or help you. At the end of the day, it’s your decision. This is why Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy was in their own hands. Had they not done one thing, the other would not have occurred, leading to a domino effect of nightmares and just nothing going right for the two young lovers. Of course however, there were many people who could have seemed like they forced their decisions, however, they did not choose Romeo and Juliet’s choices for them, they did not force them to marry. In the end, the actions they take and the ideas that were endorsed caused their own tragic tragedy …show more content…

First, both agreed to marriage after the first day of knowing each other. This would be one of the main causes in the tragedy as this decision’s delay could have allowed Romeo to not kill Tybalt and overall, not get exiled. In page 419, Romeo and Juliet meet together to get married, a choice that would later prove a liability in their ability to love each other. Had they delayed this a while longer than 1 day, maybe Juliet would not have had to make that risky choice to drink a poison which would make everyone perceive her as dead, even Romeo. This led to a chain of events, causing Romeo to actually take his life in belief that Juliet was gone. On page 453-454, Friar Lawrence is informing Juliet of an alternative way to meat and live with Romeo without becoming the wife of Count Paris as well. The path, however, is extremely risky, with an extensive amount of questionable things that need to go right. However, Juliet seems extremely desperate, and as a teenager, makes the decision of drinking the posion and faking her own death. This was one of the main reasons their tragedy ended out the way that it did. If she had waited and just married Count Paris, she could have easily found an alternative later down the road. However, again as a young child, she thought making a quick and hasty decision would pay off, which it unfortunately did …show more content…

On page 428-429, Romeo and Tybalt fight, and Tybalt is the one who falls. Some might argue that Tybalt’s hot head and aggression is the reason the tragic ending occurred, but Romeo took his own decision to slay Tybalt, and also unknowingly aided the death of his friend, mercutio. Many might also argue that the Friar, for his options that he presents to the young teens, was to blame for the loss of the two. However, what he presented were only options, Romeo and Juliet were not forced to accept or execute any of plans. What they did was completely based on their own decisions. As the story progressed, everyone could agree that almost all aided in the tragedy. Still, ultimately, Romeo and Juliet took the decision of taking their own lives, for both saw life as worthless without one another. No one was to blame for this tragedy but Romeo and Juliet themselves and the path they

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