The Consequences Of Decision In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Society has not changed from making a rash decision. Everybody makes rash decisions every day without thinking of all the consequences. The consequences for a leader to make a rash decision may lead to war and death. For the everyday person to make rash decisions may lead to losing friends or your job. For kids, it may lead them to get suspended or expelled. In “Romeo and Juliet” Shakespeare tells you at the end that Romeo and Juliet died from making rash decisions without thinking about the consequences.The story is about two lovers that should have thought things through and learn from their mistakes but end up failing in the long run. So these two people are enemies but lovers. Their family does not want them to love each other. They …show more content…

Friar Laurence believes that Romeo and Juliet should go, “Go wisely and slow,” he then says that if you go to fast bad thing will happen so he said this, “They stumble that run fast (2.3.94).” Romeo gets this advice while he tries to get Friar Laurence to marry them so he tells them to take it slow and steady. How might they not listen to this advice? They need to learn this lesson because they fall in love without actually knowing each other or even thinking about the consequences. They don't ask who they are they just fall in love. “Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin back (1.5.109-110).” He is saying that he wants Juliet to love him without knowing who she is.How else will they disobey his advice at all? 3rd point: They need to learn the lesson because Romeo gets into a fight with Tybalt after he killed Mercutio.Romeo loses his best friend but doesn’t think about his wife. Romeo is emotionally confused so he says, “Either thou or I, or both, must go with him (3.1.91).” Romeo just kills his wife's cousin without thinking how she would feel or what would happen. He made a fatal mistake because after that he had to leave the city. Which would …show more content…

Romeo and Juliet want to get married so Romeo goes to Friar Laurence. “Then plainly know my heart's dear love is set on the fair daughter of the rich Capulet (2.3.57-58).” Romeo and Juliet love each other a lot so they choose to get married without thinking of the consequences. Even some of the smarter people in Verona make huge mistakes. Even the friar who gives the advice doesn't think before he makes his decision. Maybe he should have listened to his own advice.“ till holy church incorporate two in one (2.6.37).” Friar makes them happily married without thinking what will happen to him. You never know what could happen to you until the task is done. He could have lost his life to the Capulets or the Montagues. They tended to make the worst decision of all at the end of the play. They made the rashest decision of them all. Romeo thought that Juliet had died so he rushed to her grave. “There rust and let me die (5.3.183).” Juliet kills herself after seeing Romeo dead body by her coffin so she decides to kill herself. Which makes their parents learn a different that you should not judge a person by their name. They just ended up losing their

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