Who Is To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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Tybalt- although a character not often thought of too much in the play of Romeo and Juliet, he does have some significance to the story. He’s important enough to be killed, anyway. It is said that he was killed by Romeo... but is that really true? Yes, Romeo did stab him to death, but who is the real person to blame? The culprit here would be none other than… Tybalt himself! He was the one that started most fights with the Montagues, he wouldn’t back down when things were getting too out of hand (when sword fights started), and his despisement of the Montague 's was out of control- even worse than Lord and Lady Capulet’s resentment. As it be said, Tybalt is most definitely one of the most violent people in the Capulet family. Between the bickering of the two families, Tybalt’s fights with the younger of the Montague’s stood strong. He was usually the one to start a fight with a snarky comment, or just outright demand that they go against him, while it seemed the Montague 's tried to stay out of his way, but at the same time, they felt they had to try to hold their ground. For example, nearing the end of the …show more content…

With the resentment that he carries towards Romeo’s family always seems to be his motivation to rile them up. His resentment is a major reason he got killed in the first place- seeing as that caused him to kill Mercutio, making Romeo kill him out of rage. You can see that his resentment is what led him to his death when this quote appears after Mercutio basically tells him to just start fighting them- “You shall find me apt enough to that, sir, if you an you will give me occasion,”(3. 1. 18) This quote may have been the first step into Tybalt’s death, as it seems that this is the words that started this fight in the first place. All he had to do was control his strong emotion towards them and walk away- all of this could’ve been avoided that

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