Who's To Blame For Romeo And Juliet

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In this story, there are two Star-crossed lovers. Who claim to love one another so much. To the point where they take their own lives, because they thought they couldn’t live without each other. Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be together alive, but will be together in death. All because of the family fued. Some stories usually have a villian, well in this one the is many. But in my perspective, I personally think Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin is to blame. He lived in so much hatred for everyone, for honestly no reason at all. But i guess no one had one pasific reason for hating one another. The fued has been going on for years, and The Capulet’s and The Montague’s picked fights whenever they seen each other. I think if Romeo and Juliet talked to …show more content…

Romeo came shortly after and Tybalt challenged him, “Romeo, the love i bear thee can afford no better term than this; thou art a villian .” Romeo refused to fight, seeing how he just married his cousin juliet and was now family. He tried to keep the peace but Tybalt came looking for a fight and wasn’t leaving without one. Once Mercutio realized Romeo wasn’t going to fight he jumped in. Tybalt had killed Mercutio while Romeo was trying to break it up. Romeo had acted in rage, furious for what Tybalt had done. So ran after him and fights him. Romeo then killed tybalt, which got him banished. And everything just fell apart shortly after that. Tybalt let his anger get the best of him, which caused him his life, Mercutio’s life, and Romeo’s banishment. After Romeo gets banished the climax rises because now it makes everything harder for him and Juliet. Whos gonna let their daughter marry someone who killed her cousin? Because of Romeo’s banishment Juliet is forced to fake her own death so she doesn’t have to marry Paris. But Romeo didn’t know it was fake so he Killed himself and Juliet ended up killing herself as well. All because Tybalt couldn’t walk away. And that’s why in this story i blame

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