Romeo Is To Blame For Mercutio's Death In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo is to blame for Mercutio’s death in Act III of Romeo and Juliet. First of all, Romeo did not fight back when Tybalt insulted him. Tybalt calls Romeo a villain and other various names, but Romeo responds by saying (paraphrase), “I love you more than you believe for we are family, even if you are oblivious to this fact. I love the name Capulet as much as I love my own name”(3.1.72-75). When Romeo says this, Tybalt becomes confused and enraged. He wants to fight, but Romeo is not budging, for he does not want to harm Juliet’s cousin. So instead of Romeo fighting Tybalt, Mercutio fights Tybalt because Romeo will not fight for himself. Romeo steps between them and tries to stop the duel, but Tybalt manages to stab Mercutio underneath Romeo’s

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