Rashed's Anger In The Odyssey

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One day, Tariq stopped by Rasheed’s house to see Laila. This came to Laila as a surprise because Rasheed had made everyone believe that he was dead. After learning that Tariq had been there, Rasheed began to beat Laila for being with Tariq.( Hosseini 182) Mariam had realized that Rasheed’s anger had overcome him and that he was going to kill Laila. She then rushed to the shed to grab a shovel to defend herself and Lala. When she entered the house, she hit Rasheed with the shovel. She had killed Rasheed with the last hit of the shovel. (Hosseini 183) Mariam had saved Laila, Aziza, and herself. Rasheed’s anger had risen to a level that showed how truly violent he was.

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