Realization In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Realizing is to understand, while denying is to contradict. We as people understand that there is more to any relationship than the just the surface. The Great Gatsby, a mysterious but intense novel, is based off of the ideas of denying but realizing, leaving the story intriguing to readers. Not only does one of the most important characters in this novel, Daisy Buchanan, realize what is going on in her reality but she also chooses to deny it. In this case, her convenience is more important than the truth. Daisy is a victim of denying what is below the surface. This is seen in many different aspects throughout the novel. By approaching reality in a deeper way, everything will automatically become more complicated in countless ways. Even as readers, we do not know everything there is to know, especially when dealing with Jay Gatsby, but what we do know still manages to be contradicted by the complicated character of Daisy. It is recognizable that Daisy continually denies reality for her own convenience within her individual relationships mainly involving Tom and Gatsby, which deal with Tom’s affair, the situation of Gatsby, the feeling of regret following the realization of her first love, and her past of loving Tom. To start off, it is known that Daisy chooses to contradict many things going on in her life. In this time period, it was not uncommon for married men to have affairs with other women, while the other way around was not acceptable. When reading this novel, we
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