Reasons For The Failure Of The Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction time period was 1865 to 1877. During the period, the states that had seceded were readmitted as part of the Union. In my opinion, the Reconstruction time period was a failure. One reason it did not succeed is because of “Jim Crow” laws. These laws separated people in public by their color of skin, therefore disrupting equality. Segregation became a big deal in many states. One major example is Plessy v. Ferguson. Homer Plessy, a biracial man, sat with white people on a train. Plessy got arrested for this, and lost his case in court. Another reason Reconstruction was a failure was because of black codes. Black codes made rules that were similar to slavery laws. These rules limited African American’s freedom. It requires them to sign a work contract, which they could be arrested if they do not own one. This also restricted owning land and guns. African Americans have been released out of slavery and then, with these rules, made it seem as if they were in slavery all over again. …show more content…

Originally, the terms of surrender for the Civil War stated that former Confederate generals could not run for office. Then, The General Amnesty Act of 1872 allowed the former generals to run for office. With these people in the government, more discrimination will occur to African Americans. In conclusion, the Reconstruction time period after the Civil War was a failure. Some reasons why it failed include the “Jim Crow” laws, black codes, and Redeemers. Reconstruction of the South should incorporate equality to all

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