Reasons Involved In Horace Verbermockle's Death

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On November 13, 2017, Horace Verbermockle was killed . His wife ,Minnie Verbermockle, was in the home while her husband “ slipped to his death” in their bathroom. She claims to have walked in the bathroom and found him unconscious on the bathroom floor. When she found him she panicked and threw a blanket over him while she called the doctor. Which she told him the situation and what she thought had happened. Once the doctor arrived on the scene he seen it as depicted and pronounced Horace dead. After reviewing all the evidence, it is clear that Minnie Verbermockle was involved in the murder of her now late husband Horace verbermockle.
One reason to believe Verbermockle’s death was not an accident is that he still has his toothbrush in his hand. If his death occurred by him slipping on a cake of soap he would more than likely be exiting the shower . Which means he would have been found in front of the shower and not the sink. As a rule, people put their toothbrush back in the cupboard after brushing their teeth. This indicates Horace was going to brush his teeth before his wife Minnie snuck up behind him and killed him. …show more content…

As a rule, usually when you are done using soap you put it back on the shelf or if it fell you lean out quickly and pick it up. This shows Horace's wife strategically placed the soap to cover up her killing him. Some may believe Horace was showering in a hurry dropped the soap out of the shower, jumped out to brush his teeth forgot the soap was on the ground got his feet soapy and continued to the sink and later slipped to his. Which doesn’t seem like the case because there is so more evidence that proves

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