Reasons Why Freedmen Should Be-Made Citizens

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Radical Republicans were united around certain political principles. They believed that Congress had the duty to reform southern society, and they insisted that the federal government had the right and responsibility to control reconstruction. The Radicals also supported growth of the federal government. These Radicals also rallied around the idea that the South’s former slaves should be made citizens, with all the rights that citizenship grants. They insisted that reconstruction also include suffrage for the freedmen. 5. According to Boutwell, freedmen should have voting rights and citizenship for two main reasons. The first reason is that the country was founded upon the principle that “all men are created equal.” If the country does not …show more content…

Provisions of the Mississippi act included several sections relating to freed people. The court was to be in charge of minors who were orphaned or with a guardian who was not able to care for them properly. It was the court’s responsibility to find a suitable home for the child, and the former slave owner could be an option. If any freedman was found unemployed, committing adultery, or assembling themselves would be fined and/or imprisoned. If freed people have been cohabitating, they must be legally married, and no freedman or freedwoman could marry a white, or they would be sent to the state penitentiary for life. The freedmen must also have written evidence of lawful employment or home. The acts also state that if freedmen quit their job early, they are allowed to be arrested and carried back to their employer. Also, no freedmen, unless in the military or licensed, could carry a firearm, ammunition, dagger, or Bowie knife. Freedmen were also not allowed to commit riots, cruel treatment, harmful mischief, or preach without a license, use insulting language or acts, or disturb the peace. If any freedmen is fined and does not pay within five days, the sheriff may hire out the freedmen in public to a white who was willing to pay the

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