Reconstruction Era Research Paper

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Why is America so big on Freedom and Equality? After the Civil War there was an Reconstruction Era. Which is the time where people fought for African Americans and was from 1865-1877. With lots of challenges and setbacks to this fight for freedom. There were two significant speeches that was is in this fight , Abraham Lincoln and also, Fredrick Douglass. These speeches moved people and set goals for African Americans and others to be free from slavery. First of all, The two main goals of the Reconstruction Era were to bring back the former confederate states back into the Union. Also, to ensure equal citizenship and rights to former slaves. The Reconstruction Era reorganized and reestablished the seceded states in the union after the American Civil War. During the Reconstruction African Americans gained voice in the Government for the first time in History. President Lincoln took a position to bring the South back into the Union as soon as possible. Many laws and acts were passed during Reconstruction supporting African Americans. Black codes, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, also, the 14th Amendment. These laws all benefitted for the freedom of slaves and African Americans. …show more content…

Lincoln wanted to make a public announcement on the significance of the Civil war and the struggles against slavery. During the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln was referring to Thomas Jefferson’s phrase of “all men are created equal”. Lincoln was arguing that all men were not being treated equal and that the war was supposed to be a new birth of freedom. He supported that African Americans should be treated the same as all the other men. Also, believe there should be no more slaves. The Gettysburg Address reached it’s goal by igniting the fight for human

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