Reconstruction Era Research Paper

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Ramez Youssef Ms. Dequette U.S history 07 July 2016 Reconstruction Era Post-Civil War, Northern politicians were busy creating Reconstruction plans for the geographic area. They tried to make the rebellious states rejoin the union and at the same time they tried to free the slaves in the south. For example, Abraham Lincoln and Johnson created nice strides to reunite the Union as quickly as doable, however typically unmarked Black civil rights within the method. Once the unconventional Republicans in Congress took over the Reconstruction the Blacks gained a lot of civil rights and also the Southern states were treated a lot of raspingly than before. Although the Reconstruction plans made…show more content…
In May 1865, Johnson issued his own Reconstruction Proclamation. He states that (1) all former leaders and officeholders of the confederacy,(2) confederates with quite twenty,000 in subject property. The republicans became any enlightened with Johnson as southern state legislatures adopted Black codes that restricted the rights and movement of the former slaves. “Black codes”. The codes (1) prohibited blacks from either renting land or borrowing cash to shop for land.(2) Prohibited blacks from testifying against whites in court. Johnsons also alienated and tried to stand against the Republicans in early 1866 when he vetoed a bill increasing the service and protection offered by the Freedmen’s Bureau and a civil rights bill that invalidated the Black codes.(Doc 2). This cause many problems with the “Radical Republicans”,who was looking for civil rights for African-Americans people in…show more content…
The 14th amendment declared that all persons born or naturalized within the U.S were citizens, obligated states to respect and provide the rights for blacks as U.S citizens and provide them with equal protection of the laws. It was for the first time, the Constitution required states well because the federal to uphold the rights of voters, “The object of the Fourteenth Amendment was undoubtedly to enforce absolutely the equality of the 2 races before the law, but by the nature of things it might riot are supposed to get rid of distinctions based” (DOC1). Also in 1867, over Johnson’s vetoes, congress passed three Reconstruction acts. The acts divided the former confederate states into five military districts, each under control of the union army. Although the Radical Republicans tried to protect the rights of blacks, but the Reconstruction plans failed due to many reasons. For example due to “Sharecropping”: the white landowners attempted to force freed Blacks to sign contracts to work the fields. These contracts set terms that nearly bound the signer to permanent and unrestricted labor, which was slavery, but with different name (DOC 4). Also the “KKK” had a huge effect to end Reconstruction.As it was a whites organized secret societies to prevent blacks from
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