Relationship Between Laila And Laelia In A Thousand Splendid Sun

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he second main protagonist in the novel is Laila, Rasheed’s second spouse. Unlike Mariam Laila has felt romantic love, unfortunately, war forced her to part ways with her lifelong friend Tariq. She was raised in a family much different than Mariam’s, her parents were happily married and highly valued her education. Her parent’s loss was a big turning point in her life considering this is how she met Rasheed, and Mariam. Fariba, Laila’s mother had a closer relationship with Laila’s older brothers Ahmad and Noor, which is shown all throughout part two, however the main protagonist cared very much for her mother. Laila has a profoundly valuable relationship with her father, Babi. They both share a passion for learning, reading, writing, and history. …show more content…

“ But it’s true, Babi said, it’s a good time to be a woman in Afghanistan. And you can take advantage of that Laila.”(p135). When war strikes Kabul, and Laila’s home gets hit by a missile, both of her parents decease. Laila has also lost both of her brothers, and her best friend Giti due to the war against the Soviets. Her and Giti had a close friendship, they often talked about marriage, or what they wanted to be when they grow up. Since she does not have a close relationship with her brothers, she was not as emotional at their funeral as she was for Giti’s. “ Giti was dead. Dead. Blown to pieces. At last, Laila began to weep for her friend. And all the tears that she hadn’t been able to shed at her brother’s funeral came pouring down.”(p179). Laila’s other best friend Hasina has gotten married off to her

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