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When it comes down to humanity and survival there’s only one way to determine what will happen, selfishness. Elie Wiesel wrote the novel Night, in 1955 to share his experiences with the audience. Elie Wiesel was a survivor of the holocaust and decided to create a book to tell his story of his life during the holocaust at that particular time. There are various statements, morals, and themes, that can be taken from the book Night. This particular essay will have the main contention of the effects of human instincts when it comes to survival.
When survival is at stake, humanity is lost. Some Jews that were able to stay with any part of their family, were pushed to later turn to their instincts of survival. In one example of, a father who happened …show more content…

After the Jews were stripped of their clothes, and any other form of individual identification, bread, soup, and water, became their only means of life and priority. When the piece of bread flew into his (father) direction, the father was able to retrieve a small piece of bread for him and his son. The father managed to escape the chaos that was caused over the bread. However, when he returned to his son, he was attacked by him over the piece of bread that was meant to be shared between them. The father yelled out in agony, “Meir, my litter Meir! Don’t you recognize me… you’re killing your father” (Wiesel 101). In spite of the boy being flesh to his father, the boy has no empathy for his father. As a matter of fact, family members will turn when it comes to aspects of surviving, such as the example with the bread. In the example shown below, as soon as the son learned that his father was slowing down in all the commotion, he deliberately started to run faster. As Elie is thinking about the father’s son, he realizes that the …show more content…

In the moment of pressure that love goes away and that need for survival comes into play. A person that has similarities in background, such as culture and religion, will not always have the back of their significant other, when it comes down to what is most desired. It is expected that since Franek is a Jew, he would be more considerate and reasonable, to the rest of the Jews. However, when Franek sees something that he wants, he goes for it with no

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