Reveren Reverend Hale In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible Reverend Hale So to start off i would like to explain the concept of the play the Crucible. It starts of in colonial Salem, It is a play about the salem witch trials. The two main characters are Abigail, and John Proctor, One thing you should know is that John is married yet had an affair with Abigail who was only about 12-13 at the time. The witch trials start when a bunch of the village girls are caught in the woods dancing around a fire with a cauldron in it. Abigail’s little sister faints when they are caught by Abigail's father Reverend Parris. Soon after all the girls that were caught dancing in the room visit Abby’s little sister and she wakes up and attempts to jump out the window. To conceal there dead of dancing in the woods they start to accuse people of witchcraft. Once they start accusing and people start hanging there is no going back for Abigail and the other girls. So instead of confessing their lies they accuse and accuse until they have gone down in history. …show more content…

He is an Honorable man who truly believes that Witches are infecting salem at the beginning. He has high moral standards and holds people to his level of morals. Hale is motivated by his faith and desire to keep the devil out of his homeland. There also seems to be a small hint of his motivation coming from attempting to make a name for himself as a hunter of evil. He seems quite fervent when it comes to hunting the devil. I believe Reverend Hale is a good man at heart but he gets caught up in all the terror and fear and decides to join the mob rather than investigate the real causes of the salem witch trials. To round it all off i believe that Hale is a character of high moral standards and believes that he is doing the right

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