Rhetorical Analysis Of I Have A Dream Speech

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"I Have a Dream" is an inspirational speech delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. to express his idea and viewpoint regarding equal rights. Throughout his speech, King emphasized on how the blacks were suffering under such distinct unequal situation, he uses his passionate words to express the real feelings of African Americans. In the beginning of the speech, King applied a vigorous ethos from Lincoln’s speech in order to make a strong connection to his own standpoint about the right of citizens. This speech primarily used controversial metaphors and salvational irony to arouse the audiences’ response. Throughout the speech, King utilized literary device such as anaphora, metaphors to strengthen his meaningful content, allusion referred to historical event and some alliteration. By using these rhetorical devices, King successfully inspired emotion in his audience and gave them hope for a possible bright future. We can see that Martine Luther King use several rhetorical devices within the speech to grab attention of the people who were engaged with the unjust oppression. First of all, in the beginning of his speech, he made a connection alluded to Lincoln’s speech ‘‘Five score years ago…’’ (Line 2.1, page1) this line referred to the Gettysburg Address, presenting by the United States president. King used it to enhance credibility primarily because of Lincoln’s high position related with civil rights. Another example of literary device came soon after, ‘‘This momentous decree

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