Rhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Really what is the difference between “I have a dream” and His famous “Letter Birmingham Jail”?The “I Have a Dream” speech spoken and written by The MLK Jr. himself to be read in front of a quarter of a million justice hungary both Black and White in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the largest racial justice demonstration in U.S history. On the other hand the letter from Birmingham jail written to try and explain himself to a group of 8 white clergymen.Written in a small cell in the tiny margins of a newspaper. I believe the difference is whilst in the speech he was trying to rouse the emotions of a quarter million people and lift their heavy hearts in his letter he is calmly trying to explain his beliefs to a group of what he believes is intelligent capable men. Logos: Logical thought speaking by stating fact. Reason Dr. King used this to give his speeches backbone behind the athos an emotion.“Five score years ago a great American whose in symbolic shadow we stand today,signed to Emancipation Proclamation.” “I Have a Dream.”“The marvelous new militancy has engulfed the negro people.” …show more content…

pg.262 paragraph 9. What Mr. Dr. King stated in that quote was that as a result of the discrimination many of the negro population terrorist groups that had sprung up and started committing acts of violence he then goes on to speak about how the negroes must keep the peace. Now unlike his ever famous speech his letter. His letter written on a newspaper in a jail cell collected the courage of many both black and whites to stand up for equal rights.“I am in Birmingham because injustice is here.”“We have waited more than 340 years for our God given rights”-mlk Jr. pg.275 paragraph 14.I picked this quote because it emphasized the suffering his people were going through how important now

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