Rhetorical Analysis Of Pride By Dagoberto Gilb

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Pride. Pride never changes. It has come in the same way since day one and every human and even animals experience the feeling of pride. The emotion starts from something little like getting an “A” on a test but grows a large as the pride of winning a war and living free. In Pride, by Dagoberto Gilb, readers are given both hidden and concrete examples of what pride is and people who have experienced grave amounts of it at once. Grown men are brought to tears with the pride described by Gilb, but at the same time, the feeling can be so graceful and devout through metaphors. Through comprehension, rhetorical devices, and the tone and structure of Gilb’s essay, we can begin to understand the exact meaning the word “Pride” and what the it’s all…show more content…
One example of this was when the author used personification to describe the desert towards the end of the piece. Personification is when the author uses human characteristics to describe non-human objects. He described the desert as a beautiful brown color, much like that of a person's skin color. Another example of a rhetorical device that I noticed was polysyndeton, which I found quite noticeable throughout the reading because the author used it multiple times. Polysyndeton is when the author uses a repetitive amount of a certain conjunction to emphasize a certain point. One example of this in the reading was when he used this to describe the beauty and view of a horizon. He stated that so many people have come and go, limping on crutches or dieing, and were heroes from many wars. Then while stating the different wars, he uses this device to empathize the amount of people who came and went by listing the many wars with the conjunction or in between each one, such as, the Pacific or Europe or Korea or Vietnam or the Persian Gulf wars. A third use of a rhetorical device that I noticed throughout the reading was the author's use of euphemism. This is when the author substitutes a word for another that is more pleasant so that he or she does not come off as rude and can avoid conflict in with the readers of the story. He uses this multiple time, but most notably while…show more content…
Throughout the writing a tone of confidence shows through. As a reader, you can easily relate because confidence and pride go hand and hand in everyday life. To have pride you need to be confident to some degree and the same for the opposite. Considering this, the writing is very abstract and opinionated in the sense that pride is different for everyone depending on the circumstance. We realize this when reading whether it is taking pride in your store, watching your son graduate, or in your video games. Regardless, the message stays the same that we all share pride and confidence in certain things. As you continue reading, a feeling of inspiration is found in the writing. You are inspired by the amount of pride the father feels within his son, as he walks across that stage. The author is trying to get the reader to share in this sense of pride and desire it in their own life. This could be considered persuasive. It persuades the reader to take a viewpoint on the pride they have within their life. After reading the piece you are left feeling motivated and inspired to find pride in your own life. Overall, this piece was very bold and enjoyable to read with its persuasion and
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