Rhetorical Analysis: Proud To Be

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Proud To Be (Mascots),” produced by the National Congress of American Indians, convinces the audience of the importance and necessity of changing the mascot of the Washington Redskins to something not offensive or racist towards Native Americans or any other group. Throughout the video, rhetoric provides levels of techniques in language and imagery in order to persuade the audience. The intended audience, mainstream American football fans, and their relationship with the speaker establish what group of people the ad needs to convince for the mascot to change. The video’s use of ethos, pathos, and logos through one word descriptions and images serve as the most effective visual rhetoric to the argument. Music, diction, imagery, suspense, and …show more content…

The video plays on the injustices faced by Native Americans during the colonization of North America to strengthen the modern appeals made by the speaker. Towards the middle of the ad, the narrator says, “Struggling” as images of extreme poverty cuts to an image of a Native American sitting on a box with his head in his hands. Realizing the injustices of their situation, The imagery conveys a feeling of guilt within the audience. Americans took Native Americans land and put them on reservations to be “forgotten” (another one word description in the video). Through these images and language choice, the speaker makes an ethical appeal: many Native American in modern society already live in poverty and suffering, and having a mascot called the Redskins only adds insult and shame to their lives. After American colonists took what belongs to them, the narrator calls out to the audience to at least give Native Americans one small thing: the name of a mascot. Native Americans have sustained a longstanding sense of pride and dignity. Through an emotional appeal, the images and footage of children present hope for change. The ad presents the possibility that the Washington Redskins mascot can change, continuing this deep pride and

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