Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Clare Boothe

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Clare Boothe, as seen through the essay, uses many techniques to grab the audience's attention straight off the bat. She uses these techniques to get on the good side of the people and so they actually listen with enthusiasm. Getting them to listen to the main message of the night. How even though the press has its downfalls, it is still very bad. In the beginning of the speech, Boothe starts of very polite and thanks, everyone saying how honored she feels. Right off the start she gives the people a good impression reeling them in before she starts talking about the real topic she came to talk about. Starting off the mood in a positive way proves very effective as the audience is happy that she is there and is also happy to listen. This is a very good start for Boothe. Immediately right after this, Boothe dives head first into the pool talking about the topic. She begins talking about the American Press and sets the guidelines of what she will be addressing for the night, American Press. Boothe believes that the American Press is …show more content…

So everyone should be respectful and listen to what she has to say. The very effective way of getting their minds on the topic as it makes them feel like they aren’t forced to hear this woman speak in boredom. They all pitched in on the idea of her talking, so they should be very enthusiastic about it. Along with talking about her getting chosen to talk, she addresses the audience before about who they are and then sympathizes along with them about how they would be bored to hear this. Boothe stated, “But you are an audience of journalists. There is no audience anywhere who should be more bored indeed, more revolted…” Now, this is yet another effective technique used to be on the good side of the audience. Getting on the good side of the audience causes them to more likely choose your side as they liked you more and saw more common

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