Megan Orcholski No Apology Speech Analysis

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Henry A. Kissinger once said, “Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets” ( This is the general belief that Megan Orcholski lives in her everyday life. She learned this lesson from a teacher who teaches “No apology acting.” After learning this new way of life, Megan tried to learn it for herself. She talks about this in her speech called, “No Apology living.” Throughout her speech she shows passion about her strong beliefs of not needing to apologize for her just being herself. The audience can greatly feel an impact from this speech by Megan Orcholski. Throughout her speech she does an outstanding job of reaching out to the audience. She makes her speech personal so everyone can relate to it. She does this by giving real life examples like people shouldn’t be sorry for having to claim federal aid. Megan also quotes three different famous celebrities: Laverne Cox, Ellen DeGeneres, and Melissa McCarthy. She also talks about one of her previous…show more content…
When first hearing her introduction I didn’t quite understand how that was going to tie back in with her speech, but once she finished her introduction it began to make a little more sense. In addition, in her concluding paragraph she tied her belief of not being sorry for being herself into her attention getter like her weird scarf collection, or her never killing bugs. Not apologizing if you don’t mean it, gratitude is greater than apologies, and not being sorry for who you are were three main points that struck me the most from “No Apology Living.” Megan did a good job of really persuading me to want to live a life like this. It is a way that could help turn my life into being more positive. “I’m sorry,” is just a phrase that seems ingrained into our minds and flows at the thought of us trying to act as a little bandage in a
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