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The Locavore’s Dilemma is an article written by Christophe Pelletier. In this article he explains as to why buying food exclusively inside a 100 miles radius is not a wise or sustainable choice. He says that while in the future changes to the production and transportation of food may change, limiting yourself to food within a 100 mile range is not the right way to go. In The Locavore’s Dilemma he is successful in developing the writing so that people understand why we need to buy food from farther than 100 miles, he has made a very organized article to follow, and his expression is very easy understand the point he is trying to get across.
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From the very first sentence in The Locavore’s Dilemma he states how he feels about this idea, “There is a growing trend, or at least a growing noise in favor of eating locally produced food” (Pelletier). Right from the start he calls it a noise, making it pretty clear how he feels about this subject. He also points out that as of right now if we only ate within a 100 mile radius we wouldn't eat what we do now. Fresh fruit only comes from south of us, farther than 100 miles. A very important point he makes that is very easy to relate to here is farming. If we moved to the 100 mile radius idea and that is the only thing we ate we would have a surplus of food. This may sound good but as he states on page 704, “They would produce an abundance of food, but because there are not enough people to consume it locally, the the law of supply and demand tells us that the price of agricultural commodities would plummet, food would stay in storage and farmers would go out of business” (Pelletier). As you read what the author wants, it unfolds before you making it easy to develop conclusions and follow

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