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This paper is a rhetorical analysis for the political memoir Unbought & Unbossed by Shirley Chisholm. This memoir is about the Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and her difficult, powerful, and motivational path of becoming the first black female to be elected into congress. This memoir breaks her life down and shows all of the struggles of her race, gender, and ethnicity and how she overcame them all to make her way to the top. The memoir is from Shirley Chisholm’s perspective as she tells her story. Chisholm is a female playing in a “man’s world” when it comes to role in politics, she is forced to struggle with competing against the gender stereotypes seen in male and female politicians. For my rhetorical analysis of Unbought & Unbossed, …show more content…

This article discusses the idea of a double- bind that is connected between gender norms and politics. There is a difference between the gender stereotypes of woman and politicians. While connecting this article to the book Unbought & Unbossed one can look at Shirley Chisholm and the traits that she shows throughout the memoir. One can say that Shirley Chisholm would belong more in the agentic category. This is because she was ambitious about making a change not only for woman but for woman of color, she was playing a boys game and never thought of anything from the perspective of her gender or race. More so she thought about it in the fact that changes needed to be made and someone needs to do it. She was confident with her stance and competitive to be elected into a place of power. Which from the article this could be seen to have a negative effect on the way in which people viewed her. Her behavior can be seen as being agentic but her platform could be seen more as communal. This is because her platform was for the people, it was for making change for the people from her communities that she

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