Shirley Chisholm's Use Of Ethos Pathos Logos

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In the 1972 announcement of candidacy by Shirley Chisholms, the politician made the rhetorical choices of repetition, diction, and using past experiences along with relevant individuals to convey her message that America must be united to succeed. Shirley Chisholms starts her announcement by developing logos through the use of repetition and states that she is “ …not the candidate of any political policies or fatcats or special interests”, “…not the candidate of black America…” and “…not the candidate of the women’s movement of this country…”, but rather ”…the candidate of the people of America.” Through her use of repetition, she assures her audience that she is not concerned with what seem to be her particular best interests as a black woman and politician, but that she is concerned over including all of the American’s best interests, separated from gender, race, and status. …show more content…

Shirley Chisholms uses inclusive language to portray that “We work together, black and white… in the confidence that every man and every woman in America has at long last the opportunity to become all that he was created of being such as his ability.” Through the use of the word “we” Chisholms develops pathos, and accomplishes to give a stronger sense of unity and inclusion, in addition developing ethos through the use of a major religion at the time, being Christianity, by stating that “...we are all God's children…” which she uses as a form to unify her audience as it was likely that her audience had religion in

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