Road Runner Persuasive Essay

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Catching Crappie on the Original Road Runner “We just wanted a lure that would catch fish.” That’s how the late Bert Hall described the rationale behind his Road Runner lure. He designed it in 1958, but rather than target only bass, trout or panfish, he wanted a generalist lure that would attract almost any fish. That’s exactly what Hall produced. A Road Runner slowly retrieved on light line will draw strikes from black bass, white bass, crappie, bluegills, sauger, walleyes, trout, stripers—you name it. Anything that eats minnows or insects is likely to nab it. It’s my guess, however, that the Blakemore Road Runner is more popular with crappie anglers than other types of fishermen because it can be used so many ways to catch America’s favorite panfish. The Road Runner is unique among spinner-type lures because the spinner is beneath a horsehead-type lead where it’s more easily seen by fish striking…show more content…
“But the Road Runner part of the rig really shines when the bite is slow. The flash of the spinning blade attracts even sluggish crappie.” Crappie may not hit the crankbait, but the lure serves as an attractor, getting their attention until the Road Runner buzzes by. Road Runner/Jig Rig When crappie are holding on deep cover and structure in summer and winter, you need an enticement that will get down to them quick. That’s when the Road Runner/jig rig can be very effective. Begin by tying your main line to one eye of a three-way swivel. To a second eye of the swivel, tie an 18-inch leader. Run a 1-ounce egg sinker on this leader, and on the bottom of the leader, tie a barrel swivel to keep the sinker in place on the line. To the bottom eye of the barrel swivel, add your favorite Road Runner spinner, which is tied on an 18-inch leader. And to the final eye of the three-way swivel, add a 1/32- to 1/16-ounce crappie jig, which is tied on a 12-inch

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