Robert Lebrun In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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The novella The Awakening, written by Kate Chopin, starts out set in La Grande Isle, an island off the shore of Louisiana. During the summer wealthy Creole families, such as the Pontelliers or the Lebrun's, vacation on this island. The Creole culture has set standards which Edna Pontellier struggles to live up to, but with Robert Lebrun’s help it is easier. In the past summers Robert Lebrun has chosen a married woman to shadow, and this summer he chose to shadow Edna. During the summer Robert spends a large portion of his time with Edna showing consistency through his actions. Throughout the novella Robert also shows that he is a flirtatious and honest man. Every summer Robert Lebrun shadows a woman of his choice, making his actions consistent.…show more content…
One afternoon Edna brought her sketching materials onto the porch in La Grand Isle, and Robert sat down beside her as she began to sketch. Chopin tells the reader Robert’s actions, “During this oblivious attention he once rested his head against Mrs. Pontellier’s arm. As gently she repulsed him. Once again he repeated the offence.”(13). Robert lays his head on Edna’s arm until she pushes him off, after he lays his head down on her yet again, Being surprised and scared by Robert’s actions, Edna says nothing to Robert, who did not think much of it. One morning in the summer, Edna calls upon Robert to go to the Chênière with her. During the service Edna gets a headache and becomes dizzy, so Robert takes her to his friend Madame Antoine’s house to sleep. Once Edna awakens, she goes out and lays on the ground beside Robert. Chopin then tells the reader, “Edna and Robert both sat upon the ground-that is, he lay upon the ground beside her, occasionally picking at the hem of her muslin gown.”(42). Listening to the stories Madame Antoine told, Robert kept picking at Edna’s dress. The picking of Edna’s gown shows Robert’s quiet and deceitful way of flirting. Although Robert’s flirting was untrustworthy, he was still a honest
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