The Awakening Rhetorical Analysis

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Syeda Ahmed prompt 5 The Awakening AP LIT Mr. Amoroso A modern woman emerging and developing ahead of her time, dealing with the challenges of gaining independence in a time period where woman weren’t human. This is Edna Pontellier’s conflict told in the novel the Awakening by Kate Chopin. Late in her already establish life Edna a wife and mother of two discovers herself to realize she goes against society’s ideals as a woman. Never truly attempting to fit into the “woman” role Edna finds herself stepping out of her cage through self-discovery. Author Kate Chopin creates and utilizes symbols and motifs to develop the multiple cognizances Edna undergoes. Edna deals with the repercussions of a society that isn’t as accustoms to a woman being …show more content…

Pontellier’s awakening. Throughout her journey we see her grow into the fully formed Edna taking her final leap but before she dives into her new ocean of opportunities we see her defy the limitations of a woman’s adroitness. This act may seem insignificant to our modern ideals but for a woman to attain knowledge equates to a woman demanding justification for her oppression. Edna’s determination and childlike characteristics can be noticed when she learned how to swim. Spending a full season determined to master a skill shows her persistence, a trait woman were not expected to have or want. The most rewarding attributes of this experience for Edna would be the feeling of satisfaction of conquering something in a world where woman are seen as nothing; much like a child’s excitement at their newly gained knowledge. In Chopin’s own word she describes “A feeling of exultation overtook her as if some power of significant import had been given her to control the working of her body and her soul” (page27). Although she is not ashamed of who she is becoming there is still a need to hide which is greatly caused by her surroundings. This can be seen when Edna takes her turn reading a shared book that has been passed around the cottages. Reading this book left her wonderstruck but still she hid in secrecy when reading. Chopin uses this action of hiding to emphasize the point that woman who are reading and thinking can lead to dangerous thoughts. Knowledge is the one key factor that differentiates the oppressed from the oppressor and, it is what fosters Edna closer to her

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