Roe Vs Wade Research Paper

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There have been many controversial court cases in the United States. One of the most divided cases that people cannot agree on is Roe V. Wade. This case as described by Henretta is a “landmark decision, the justices nullified a Texas law that prohibited abortion under any circumstances, even when the woman’s health was at risk, and laid out a new national standard: Abortions performed during the first trimester were protected by the right of privacy.” (Henretta,2012). This is something that Americans really have a hard time coming to an agreement on. People in this country have strong opinions on this matter. Roe V. Wade is a decision that does not affect anyone but a woman who decides she does not want to continue a pregnancy. Roe V. Wade is something that should be protected and upheld because it is a woman’s right to her own privacy and her own body, it provides a woman with a safe environment to have …show more content…

Her decision does not affect anyone but herself. That is a decision that a woman makes between herself and her doctor. Its not something that she should be judged on because it is her right to her privacy and her own body. If someone does not agree with having an abortion than they shouldn’t have one, but that does not mean that they have to push their beliefs on anyone else. Roe V Wade was a controversial decision that people today still disagree on. It is a controversial subject but the only people that are really affected by a woman’s right to choose is the woman making the decision. If a woman does not wish to continue a pregnancy or cannot support a child she should have the right to not continue with the pregnancy. A woman should have the right to choose because a woman has the right to her own privacy, she deserves a safe and sterile environment, and because her decision does not affect anyone but

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