Roger Forsgren's Essay 'Architecture Of Evil'

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The unbelievable genocide during the Nazi’s regime has already happened; is the past that one could learn from. Realization and regret most likely appeared after an action had been done. Roger Forsgren composes the “Architecture of Evil”, which is the story of Albert Speer with the combination of the history of Nazi’s evil action. In his essay, it shows how Speer gain his authority during his era as a minister, during his days in the Nazi’s regime, there was no sign of realization of how bad his action was. The way Forsgren assume about his audience helps his essay in a way that it is easy to understand and has strong and detailed background information. After detailed narrative story about Speer’s life, the essay wrap up with the heartbreaking quote from Speer about humanity. During his prison life, Speer realizes the power of humanity that forgone the other aspects of life such as hatred and revenge. This is shown from how the Ukrainian and Russian treat Speer. Forsgren’s essay is a strong essay because of its clarity; …show more content…

He never jumps from one to another topic without explaining completely. Even though during the opening of the essay Forsgren seems like throwing Speer’s name out of nowhere, but as fast as he could, he follows it with a narrative and explanation of who Speer is. Forsgren don’t always literally describes, instead he puts on story and expert testimony to strengthen what he is saying. Since his audience seems to be the “general educated” population, his purpose of writing this essay could be easily fulfilled or succeeded. His goal of writing is to give people a realization that even during the worst time, mankind should still have their conscience and humanity. By providing the odds, which is the Nazi’s regime, Forsgren could give some kind of warning to the future that humanity is the most important thing in life that everyone need to consider during their

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