'Roman Fever': Short Story Vs. The Novel

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Mod 4-C Short Story vs The Novel The novel and the short story have been two opponents of each other since the dawn of the story. They have been battling as two ways to learn about stories. One is a pitchers duel, and every at-bat changes the outcome of the game. However, the short story is like a walk-off homerun! One short big play that changes the outcome faster than anything else in the game. One quick swing of the bat, one big detail changes everything! It is the matter of 5 minutes, and this is the same way that the novel, and the short story work. “Women want love to be a novel. Men want it to be a short story.” - Daphne Du Maurier This relates to the story Roman Fever because the two women want a “Novel” relationship with the man. “Mrs. Ansley was much less articulate than her friend, and her mental portrait of Mrs. Slade” This quotation shows what Mrs. Ansley thought about. That she wanted a future with Mr. Slade a “Novel” with him. They want to have a extensive time with the man that they can tell their kids about the time they have been together. But the man does not want this. Instead, he had a few one night stands with one of the …show more content…

This quote best symbolizes the story The Cask of Amontillado because the story ends in such an abrupt way that the reader doesn’t even see it coming. Much like a knockout punch in a fight. When the story ends with such a distinct, and fast-paced ending I was slightly confused at first, but after re-reading the story again I was able to figure out what Edgar Allen Poe was trying to portray to the reader. The novel normally takes a long time for the story to end either with multiple battles, or fights leading up to an ending in the story, but short stories end in such a fast fashion that it is as if it is a knockout

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