Romanticism Vs Enlightenment

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The Romanticism time frame consisted of a mix of intellectual mentality and individualism. Many people created works of literature, music, art and architecture from the mid seventeenth century to the mid eighteen centuries. This time however, was revolved mainly around a movement in Literature and Arts. The Romantic period was primarily a reaction of the Enlightenment period in Europe. Enlightenment thinkers respected thoughts of logic, reason, and rationality whereas Romantics were more about the emotional, deeper appeal to everyday life. Romanticism was a movement that rebelled against the opposition of Enlightenment. According to Sparknotes authors, it is stated that even “the Enlightenment thinkers condemned the Middle Ages as “Dark Ages”, a period of ignorance and irrationality” (Sparknotes, 2012). The people, especially poets and writers strove to emphasize their beliefs and attitudes towards certain aspects. Since the Enlightenment era was restricted to a certain method of thinking, writers of the Romance era used their expression of arts to free their minds …show more content…

Much of the writing involved included new trends of medieval romance which is where the Romantic movement stems its name. Writings of this time included a tale or ballad of noble adventure, daydreams, or individualistic heroism. Writings were a form not seen before, they were not typically written in a sophisticated matter like past works, but instead were overly expressed with emotion (Beadle, 2015). The first wave of writing began in the 1790s in Germany. Works of literature were marked by innovations in both content and literary style. Styles included tastes of mystery, the subconscious and the supernatural. The first wave included some of the most important contributor to Romanticism including authors like as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth but one of the primary principles of this era; William Blake (Travers, 2001,

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