Washington Irving's View Of The Romantic Period

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The Romantic period was a time period in which people changed their views of the fine arts, which in turn affected their work. Some people Including Washington Irving did not agree with the view of the Romantic period and made fun of it in their work with some humorous stories. Irving was a well know writer in the late 18th century and early 19th century who grew up in New York. From the beginning of his life till the end, he was a funny man who loved the fine arts. Irving was originally a lawyer, but later he left his judicial career and followed his childhood dream of being a full-time writer, writing some poems which upon closer observation, it can be seen that he makes fun of the Romantic period. Romanticism was a time which had many unique attributes, but Washington Irving did not agree with those attributes and made fun of those ideas through his writing. Romanticism is a time period that was at its peak from 1800-1850 in which people all over the world focused on the many new ideas in art, music, and writing. The definition of Romanticism is simply, anything but the here or now or whatever isn’t realistic but is commonly referred to as the time period …show more content…

When the Industrial Revolution took off, the people assumed that it was making man evil, so they rebelled against it. They changed how they wrote and also acted in ways that included focusing on emotions, the celebration of the individual, promotion of the imagination, chivalry, and a focus on the common man. All these attributes appeared in their writing and their actions, and are grouped into a time period now referred to as the Romantic period. Washington Irving makes fun of Romanticism with one of his stories called “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow” through the ideas of the supernatural and emotion.“The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow” is one of

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