Examples Of Romanticism In The Minister's Black Veil

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American Romanticism were mostly written during the 1800’s. The use of American Romanticism was to get readers to read. The authors would exaggerate stories to get them attached and start reading them. American Romanticism were stories that were mostly gothic or dark stories. The death of a protagonist is usually over exaggerated. When the writers first started writing these they weren’t popular. They started writing after the independence of America. After a while eventually their popularity started to grow and the American voice emerged. The Minister's Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne shows plenty of American Romanticism in a character. For example, there is an exaggerating death at the end of the story. "Mr. Hooper's face is dust; but awful is still the thought that it mouldered beneath the Black Veil!"(Hawthorne 17). This shows American Romanticism because the main character died with the veil on and never took it off, now that's pretty exaggerating to keep it on until the end of your life. Another way this story can show American Romanticism is because the minister is trying to hide all the sinners of the world by wearing the black veil. Everyone has sinned so that the veil should be on everyone's face because everyone has sinned and should wear it like he does.

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Like one of them is the black veil itself. The black veil symbolizes a barrier from sins and innocence. It can also symbolize the sin that Mr. Hooper has committed. Another symbol is Mr. Hooper himself. He is a symbol because he represents the sin himself. He is the representative of sin because he is the one trying to hide his face from society because he has sinned and is hiding his face for everyone that has sinned. Which is basically the whole world because there isn't anyone that hasn't made a sin. Another symbol is the color black. He can also represent the people or the

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