The Minister's Black Veil Character Analysis

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The main character in “The Minister’s Black Veil”, Mr. Hooper represents how everyone carries a sin with them but some choose to acknowledge it, while others choose to hide them. People may live for long periods of time and say that they are “free of sins”. The truth is everyone carries a sin with them, they just choose to not acknowledge it. This world is filled with people with sins, they may be horrible, while others are not so significant, and others are shared. When people tell their sins to the world everyone looks at them like if they are the devil themselves, or if one did have a sin everyone tries to figure out what that sin is, forgetting that them, themselves also carry sins, but it is much easier to acknowledge others sins. “The …show more content…

Hooper is the main character of the story and he is the one who represents a Romantic character in this story, he experiences sadness and depression. Mr. Hooper represents secret sin and humans’ fallen nature. Even if people are scared of him wear the veil, Mr. Hooper never takes it off, he even wears it to his funeral. All he goes through is truly is what the other people also look like, whether they acknowledge it or not. Mr. Hooper uses the veil to hide his face from the world because he knows the sin he did was wrong and if people were to find out, people would look at him and he would be full of more shame. That or he wears the veil not only to show his sins but also to show the sins of the other people of the town. The black veil in the story symbolizes a great thing that everyone carries with them, secret sins. Mr. Hooper being the only one to wear one and show the true nature of human. That is why many people are scared of him because they know that he has a secret sin that he will not tell to anyone. In reality everyone wears a black veil they just don’t want to admit it, because it is in humans nature to do something wrong and have sins. You walk around and everyone, on the inside, wears the black veil going about their day normally like if they never created that

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