The Ministers Black Veil

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's, " The Ministers Black Veil", is regarded to one of the first and greatest examples of American Short Fiction. Like many of Hawthorne's novels and stories the story is developed around a single around a single symbol; in this case, the black veil. There are ambiguous ways of explaining why Mr. Hooper wears the black veil? Mr. Hooper wears the black veil to signify he is wearing the sins of the puritans in the village. Mr. Hooper is a reverend, making one of his roles to listen to the puritans sins. In article two it states; "Mr. Hooper wears the veil to symbolize his mourning for the secret sins of many of the Puritans who fear the severe punishments for transgressions and live as hypocrites becomes apparent in the denouement of Hawthorne's story" clearly stating that he wears this black veil to symbolize the sins of the puritans rather than himself. Mr. Hooper wishes to teach a moral …show more content…

In the Article Two it supports the fact that Mr. Hooper wears the veil to signify the sins of the puritans. In Article Three is states; "people have speculations that Mr. Hooper committed adultery with the young girl that died at the beginning of the story. The black veil was simply Hooper's admission of his own humanity, that he was not a perfect, sinless being". This meaning he could be wearing the veil to show he his not perfect and that he has his own sins. "He wore the veil to hide his face from the world and what he did". This being another reason he his wearing the black veil, although it is never clearly stated why he is wearing the black veil. In the "Ministers Black Veil", I believe Mr. Hooper wears the black veil to show the sins of the puritans in the village. I believe this because there are more facts to support this reason. It is stated throughout all of Article Two and throughout some of Article One. But the question will never be answered; Why does Mr. Hooper wear the black

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