Rivalry In Romeo And Juliet

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In the tragic drama “Romeo and Juliet“, written by William Shakespeare between 1591 and 1595, displays the rivalry of two households, in the midst of this drama Romeo and Juliet falls in love with each other. The drama plays in far Verona, where two very powerful families the Capulets and the Montagues are bitter arch-rivals and whenever they get the chance they will fight against each other. In the first scene Benvolio tries to break apart the fight but as soon as Tybalt comes into the scene. They start fighting again, which is stopped by the Prince of Verona, Escalus, who sentences to punish public fighting with the death penalty. Romeo appears and he is melancholic about his unhappily infatuation with Rosaline, who does not reciprocate …show more content…

But then as soon as Romeo appears Tybalt challenges him. Romeo tries to calm down Tybalt who is also his kinsmen since the secret marriage between him and Juliet. Mercutio takes on Tybalt and is killed underneath Romeo’s arm, who attempts to restore the peace. As Mercutio falls Tybalt and his cronies rushes away, leaving the Montagues behind. Mercutio curses both families under his last breath. Romeo griefs about the death of Mercutio and realises that his love towards Juliet has blind him in a way that weakened his masculinity. He challenges Tybalt into a duel and soon they both fight against each other. Tybalt is stabbed by Romeo and Benvolio command Romeo to leave since the Lord will let him executed if known that the Capulets and Montagues had fought against each other, again. Soon after Romeo flees the Prince, Escalus, enters the scene accompanied by many citizens, and the Montagues and Capulets. Benvolio tells the story of the brawl, but despite his attempt to cast Romeo in a positive light, Prince Escalus sentences Romeo to be banished from …show more content…

She feels distressed about Tybalt’s death but cannot charge her husband, Romeo, as a murder. She is torn between Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment but decides for Romeo.
Romeo turns to Friar Lawrence and claims that being banished from Verona is far worse than being death. When Juliet’s nurse arrives and tells about Juliet’s sorrow, Romeo feels guilty and wants to commit suicide but Friar Lawrence stops him. Romeo and Juliet should be given their wedding night however as soon as dawn is creeping its way Romeo should leave for Mantua. Friar Lawrence promises him that he will let him know if the Prince will change his mind but at the moment Romeo should keep a low profile.
Capulet decides to stop Juliet’s grief in order for that she should be married to Paris in three days. Juliet refuses her father’s decision however he is furious and goes as far as disowning her and eventually both parents reject their

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