Romeo And Juliet Sentence Outline

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Romeo and Juliet Sentence Outline

I. Playgoers go to play’s even though they already know what 's gonna happen in the play.
A. The timeless story of two people in love despite all of their differences that ought to and the lovers and keeping them together forever. Even if people already know what 's going to happen, they love and enjoy watching it again because they think it gets a little better than it was already being so they watch it over and over again to see how exciting it is.
B. The idea to overcome love and get through obstacles was genius trying to keep lovers was very moving for everybody for people who have watched it. C. So many people know how the play ends and begins, but people still watch it for the suspense of the action and of the story people just love seeing it over and over again.
II. When William Shakespeare created Romeo and Juliet it was 1594-9.
A. Romeo was nearly a man he was about 19 and he was falling in love with a 14 year old girl and her name was Juliet girl raised with a family waiting for her to get married soon.
B. There was another story behind Romeo and Juliet and it was at least published 1592 and it was probably the most popular poem and it is still the best out there everyone knows.
C. Back then these types of plays weren’t that interesting to people back in the 1500 except this one by killing the people who were madly in love was genius.

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