Romeo Tragic Hero Analysis

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A tragic hero is somebody that makes a design or has a flaw in how they act that will lead to their destruction. The play Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest known plays know in the history of playwriting like many of Shakespeare 's plays this one is a tragedy. With all tragedies, there is a tragic hero, in this story this person is Romeo. In this play Romeo is the tragic hero because he fits all of the criteria of a tragic, hero, his flaws lead to his destruction some of those being emotionally driven, he is impulsive and immature. The first reason why Romeo is a tragic hero is that he is emotionally driven. The definition of emotionally driven is all of your actions will be based on your actions. The first example that we see this …show more content…

One of the example that we see this impulsiveness out of him is in (act 5 scene 3 lines 71-73 ). In this section of the play he is in the tomb looking at Juliet when Paris walks in and without even asking what he was doing there, he kills him, because that was the first thing that came to his mind. If he would have asked he would have found out that he was just there to put some flowers on her not to hurt her or anything. The second example we see is in (act 5 scene 3 lines 119-120). In this part we see him drinking the poison to kill himself, but here he is doing what he first thinks and overeating and not thinking because if he had calmed down he would have noticed that her lips were not pail and she was starting to breath more because she was about to wake up. These are the two main examples that we find as we read the play that show he is an impulsive person. This paper shows how Romeo meets all of the criteria to be a tragic hero and this gives examples of how he is a tragic hero. So, in conclusion, Romeo is a tragic hero h=because he is impulsive, immature, and finally, he is emotionally driven. These characteristics eventually lead to his destruction making him a tragic

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